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HostX V 2.1.0 Released

Welcome to WHMCS Global Services HostX V 2.1.0 has been launched with some great features. This new update includes the following: 3 New Variations Introduced, New Mobile Menu Introduced, Mobile Menu Domain Search Introduced, 7 New Blocks Added, New Banner Images Introduced, Fully Responsive, DNS Management, Get Epp Code, Manage Contact, Email ... Повеќе »

ClientX V 2.0.0 Released

Welcome to WHMCS Global Services We have launched the all-new redefined version of the ClientX WHMCS Client Area v2.0.0.  This new update introduces the top menu bar, a new Home Page style. Now admin has an option to adjust the placing of the menu bar from Side Bar, Top Menu Bar or Both. Other update includes bugs fixes and UI/UX improvements. ... Повеќе »

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